As an avid book reader and someone who has been chasing the endorphin high of a school Book Fair since the early 90’s, I sought to create a digital destination for like-minded bookish people.

Enter The Book Fare. A curated, grown up assortment of not only your favorite school book fair finds, but everything you need to create your ultimate reading vibe. From trinkets and games we never needed but always wanted, to home décor and accessories to set the mood, and the newest book titles to read once you get that mood just * chefs-kiss * right.

The Book Fare is a nice candle you light when the house is finally clean, a good cup of coffee on a Sunday morning, a totally unnecessary but pretty notebook, that fancy pen you will probably lose, the comfort of a floppy paperback, and a never-ending T.B.R. stack.

The Book Fare is your new favorite place to treat yourself and all of the bookish people in your life.

It's me, Hi, I'm The Book Fare, it's me

I'm Jesse! I read a little bit of everything, but will forget almost everything about what I just read. Don't ask me my favorite book, I could never possibly choose. I live in Kansas City with my husband, our dog, and our 20 year old cat. I'm a Swiftie and a sports junkie who makes social plans (when I have them) around game times and is in bed with a book every night around 9:30.

I LOVE chatting about books at pop-ups with customers. I am the buyer, the creative director, the site builder, the social media manager, the person packing the orders. Basically, I'm just a girl, running a business, thanking a stranger for supporting this crazy little idea of mine.

Love you like a floppy paperback.

- Jesse